Model Single-bucket Excavator DEM-114
Suitable for digging I-IV categroy grounds. 
The excavator is equipped with a comfortable cabin, which has a panorama glass in order to improve the general view.
The executive body of the excavator is hydraulic, operates with the help of a joystick and has the possibility to perform 4 operations at the same time.
The hydrosystem is made on the base of the hydro distributors BOSCH-REXROTH and VALVOIL, with the use of hydro drum with a special long working time.
The excavator’s horizontal movements in the possible ± 590 mm limits allows to work in a limited space, as well as it allows to reduce the load of the hind bridge, when transporting.
The excavator has an expanded digging depth up to 4420mm and reduced height dimensions to 3480mm. 
The maximum digging depth, mm  4420
The capacity of the excavator scoop, 3  0,12; 0,25; 0,30

The length of the excavator’s executive body in a

stretched position parallel to the ground, mm


The allowed length of the executive body, when

discharging, mm

The maximum digging height, mm 5100
The maximum loading height, mm  3400
The turn angle of the excavator’s scoop  195
The horizontal movements of the excavator’s executive body, mm 590
The height of the dimension, mm  3480
The bearing withdraw dimension, mm 2240
The dimension of the hind wheels, mm 1800
The frontal accoutrement: bulldozer - loader DEM-1003
Suitable for ground works (I – IV category grounds), as well as discharging, transporting loose materials and raw materials, gathering construction waste.
Rated carrying capacity, kg  1000
Rated scoop capacity, 3  0,56
Scoop withdraw, mm  2200
Maximum discharging height, mm  2800
Scoop stretching at discharging, mm 850
Maximum scoop lifting height, mm 3600
Scoop digging depth, mm  300/200
Dimensions, mm  5300x2260x3500